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We Provide Students and Families with Simple, Strategic, and Smart Solutions for an Affordable and Successful College Experience.

Our goal is to help you earn a debt-free college degree. 


To avoid college debt, you must be strategic with your college planning and maximize opportunities for funding and finishing college. We can show you how to avoid taking out loans to fill your unmet college funding need. 


We help you build a customized college plan that will help you save thousands on college expenses and decrease the need for taking on college debt.


Our team of Certified College Funding Specialists™ perform at the highest level of professional competence, ethical standards, and continuous professional development in the college financial planning field. We take a comprehensive approach to college planning with a goal to help you save time and money. We equip you with financial aid strategies, tax strategies, scholarship strategies, and so much more. When you combine these strategies, you can build a plan to graduate on time or less and with little or no debt - a plan to Finish College $mart™!

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It's fairly easy to borrow student loans for college. However, paying back student loans can be hard. 


Student loans are included in many Financial Aid Award Packages, but student loans are not an award or gift.  It is money that is being loaned, and the money has to be paid back, with interest.


Many students don't fully understand their student loan terms and the commitment they are entering with borrowing until it's time to pay the money back.

The average borrower takes over 20 years to repay their college debt.


Taking 20 years to pay back college loans, along with interest, can nearly double the amount of debt owed.


For example, someone taking 20 years to pay back $38,000 in loans at an interest rate of 7% will end up paying a total of over $70,707 ($38,000 loan plus total interest: $32,707),

Current interest rates are slightly lower for most borrowers, but vary depending on the type of loan. The rates can also change each year.

Imagine how much you would have to pay back if you borrowed $50,000, $75,000 or $100,000 like many students and families are borrowing today.


Furthermore, everyone that goes to college and accumulates college debt doesn't graduate or finish.  This can make it even harder to pay back the debt.

Finish College $mart™ can help.


We help students and families build strategic college plans to stay on track to finish college on time and with less debt. 


We are dedicated to helping students and families succeed in earning debt-free college degrees.


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The True cost of college debt

Why College Planning is Important

College Debt Is A Serious Issue

College can be a great investment. However, with the rising cost of college, students are borrowing more money than ever to invest in their education.  Student loan debt is over $1.4 trillion dollars. It is the largest non-mortgage debt.


Some graduates are struggling to pay back their college debt. Unemployment and underemployment are contributing factors. Many graduates resort to deferrals and repayment programs that reduce their payments to an affordable amount. However, that may seem like a solution, but keep in mind the debt will grow much larger as accrued interest is added to the extended loan. 


College debt doesn't just impact the borrower.  For example, there are graduates that cannot purchase homes because of their student loan debt. This becomes an issue for the entire economy. When home sales are low, the real estate market suffers, as well as many other industries. 


Some analysts believe we could be heading toward a student loan crisis. Finish College Smart™ wants to help avert this crisis. With strategic college planning, students and families can save thousands of dollars and reduce the need for taking out loans.

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