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More than ever, students and families need the advice of a trained professional to help them create a strategic college plan. Families need a properly-trained professional that can help them maximize financial aid opportunities and other cost-saving strategies. They need someone to show them how to pay for college without going into debt. 


Finish College $mart™ is led by a team of professionals that care about the financial well-being of students and families. Our team is dedicated to helping students finish college on time or less and with little or no debt.

Mona Lisa Morris, AFC®, CCFS®, ELA


Why Choose Finish College $mart?

By choosing from our programs and services, students and families will benefit from our expertise and dedication. When you have a tax issue, you seek advice from an accountant or tax professional. When you have a legal problem, you seek advice from an attorney. Unlike tax and legal advice, when it comes to college planning many students and parents try to go through the college planning process on their own or don't plan at all. With our services, students and families receive expert guidance from a Certified College Funding Specialist™.

CCFS® (Certified College Funding Specialist™) is the ONLY recognized college financial planning accreditation in the financial industry.  Many may call themselves college planners and some financial advisors assist with college planning, however, Certified College Funding Specialists™ are specifically trained and equipped with information, tools, and resources to help students and families save time and money.  Finish College Smart understands the importance of college planning, and we are dedicated to serving students and families at a high level of skill. 

What Does Finish College $mart Mean?

Finish college on time or less means meeting or exceeding your goal for how long you plan to work towards your degree.  You should have a plan for this. Have you ever heard the saying, "time is money"?  Well, the longer it takes to finish college, the more it can cost. We help families create a strategic and actionable plan that will provide you with a roadmap to completing your degree on time, or possibly in less time.

Finish college with little or no debt means to finish college with as little debt as possible. We want you to have financial freedom and a great start to your financial future. Some students are graduating from college with mortgage-size debt and have student loan payments that are well over $1000/month. Our goal is to help students graduate from college, debt-free. We want students to have the freedom to use their money to build wealth, like purchasing homes, investing, and saving for their retirement, instead of being burdened with student loan debt.

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