​​​​​​​​​​​Our founder, Mona Lisa Morris, has a passion for helping students finish college. As a first-generation college student, she lacked a plan or guidance when she arrived at college. Adding to her challenges were her limited financial resources to pay for college. For her, getting into college was the easy part, but finishing college was not as easy.

Mona Lisa did not lack the ability to earn her college degree but faced family and financial challenges in college. She dropped out of college before her junior year. Although she did not complete her degree, she enjoyed a successful career with professional licenses and certifications she earned in the health and insurance industries. However, she never lost her desire to finish earning her college degree. She took a few classes, here and there, while working and juggling family commitments, but still without a plan. One day she stumbled across the concept of finishing your college degree, debt-free. This concept intrigued her. She developed a plan and strategies to complete her degree with this concept in mind. Now equipped with a plan, she quickly earned her degree.

She prepared her daughter for college by developing a plan using the same concept and strategies. She was proud to see her daughter graduate in less than four years and without a heavy burden of student loan debt. Her daughter had a very successful and enjoyable college experience. Mona Lisa noticed there were a lot of students still facing some of the challenges she did when she started college. She also noticed student loan debt among college students was spiraling out of control. She developed a passion for helping students succeed in college, debt-free, and decided to create a program with this life-changing concept. Her passion led her to seek training to become an expert in the industry. At that time, she became one of only three Certified College Funding  Specialists™ and Education Loan Analysts™ in the state of Alabama. Then, she created Finish College Smart!

​Our Mission

Our mission is to empower and equip students with simple, strategic, and smart solutions for an affordable and successful college experience.

Our Story


​​Our Vision

​Our vision is to impact economic growth by helping college students create a secure financial and educational foundation.