Students are not the only ones getting into debt for college.  Parents are taking on more debt to help fund their child's college dreams. 

We provide tools and resources that can help you both save thousands of dollars and reduce the need for student loans!

Our program is a small investment that can make a financial difference for both you and your child.  Let us show you and your child how to avoid the burden of student loan debt.  Give your child financial freedom.  Give your child Finish College Smart™.​​

This chart shows an example of the total cost of student loans.  A student taking 20 years to pay back $38,000 will end up paying a total of over $70,000 ($38,000 loan plus $32,707 interest); nearly double the amount borrowed.

Imagine how much you would have to pay back if you borrowed $50,000, $75,000 or $100,000 like many students are borrowing today.


​"Ms. Morris worked with our family to create a plan to send our son to college. She was always professional and extremely helpful."   -Sarah B.​

​"Ms. Morris helped me avoid some costly mistakes, and now I'm working towards completing my degree debt-free."    -Charity L.


High School Students, College Students, and Parents

​​​​​College is a great investment, but students are leaving college with a massive amount of student loan and other college debt. With the rising cost of college, parents also have to take out more loans than ever to help fund their child's college dreams. Our goal is to guide students and parents to succeed in earning debt-free college degrees!

"The choices you make during four years of college can impact how you will live the next forty or more years of your life."    

​ -Mona Lisa Morris, CCFS, ELA

​Finish College Smart is not your typical college prep program. Most programs concentrate on prepping students to get admitted into colleges. Prepping just to get admitted is not enough. An alarming number of students are dropping out of college, before completing their degree and riddled with a large amount of student loan and other college debt. We feel that students should also prep to finish college and finish college smart. We help students create a strategic plan, as well as provide them with information, tools, resources, and guidance to prepare them for college, help them stay in college, and graduate from college with as little debt as possible!​ 


College Students

The U S Department of Education reports the average college student takes six years to complete a 4-year degree program.  Time is money.  The longer it takes to graduate, the more college will cost you in tuition and other expenses. 

Timing is important.  Starting our program in high school will allow you to benefit more from the strategies and resources we provide.  If you are in college, our program can still help you with preparing to succeed in completing your college degree and setting a foundation for success after college.

About Us

​​Know Before You Go

​​​​​​​​​​​High School Students

College is not an extension of high school.  You will not automatically advance to the next grade, or graduate in four years.

Many students drop out of college, primarily because they are not properly prepared for college.   

Today, college can cost upwards of $100,000.  We bridge the gap between high school guidance counselors and college advisors to prepare you to finish college on time, and with less debt.​​

"Thanks to the Finish College Smart plan I was prepared and ahead of the game, among my peers. Some would even ask me for advice. So many other students just showed up at college, but having strategic goals kept me on track and prevented wasted time and money. Not only was I able to succeed academically and financially, but I was also able to stress less and enjoy college more. I highly recommend using this plan throughout college. College can either help or haunt you, and you can’t go wrong with planning ahead if you truly want to make the most out of your experience."      -Monique S.


Success in college rests on making smart choices. 

Our programs and services are based on guiding students and parents with this principle.

Data Sources:  One Wisconsin Institute Survey




​In 2016, students borrowed an average of over $37,000 in student loans.  

On average, students take 20 years to pay back their student loans.

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