Captain Terence Street

Military Liaison

Monique A. Street, CCFS, ELA
Financial Coach and

Director of Research and Development

Ciara Clark

Client Coordinator

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Support Team

Mona Lisa Morris, CCFS, ELA

​Founder and CEO

Join our team!  We are currently seeking interns to become ambassadors and champion our efforts in making it possible for students to Finish College Smart.

Beatrice Perkins Johnston

​Director of Marketing

​Cpt. Street assists students that are considering serving in the military as a career or as an option to help fund their education.  He served in the ROTC program in college, which allowed him to graduate from college, debt-free, and is currently an active duty serviceman in the military.  His experiences have given him an abundance of knowledge in guiding students and families on the benefits of serving in the military.

Beatrice Johnston has 20 years of experience creating and supporting the brand experience.  She has beat the odds and raised the stakes numerous times in life and business and now champions others to do the same.  She hones strategy, design and coding skills.  Brand reputation, visibility, and education are her forte.

Beatrice has been featured and quoted in O, The Oprah Magazine, Inc. magazine, Fox 5 news and has won awards sponsored by local and global leaders such as American Express and Rising Tide Capital. She also qualified for and became an alumna of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program.

Fun fact: She’s a vegan, so though she looks young, her results are anything but novice.

​​Monique has a passion for helping young adults succeed in their finances.  She is concerned about the difficulties her generation is facing in reaching milestones after college because of struggles with college debt.

Monique is very knowledgeable about saving time and money. She successfully used the strategies outlined in the Finish College $mart program to earn her bachelor's degree in less than four years.  In addition to her major in Business Administration, she was also able to explore another passion of hers by obtaining a minor in Fashion Merchandising.  She learned to balance school, work, and a vigorous social calendar while in college.  She served as a student ambassador, was voted queen of her college, and became a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.  Her goal is to help students finish college smart, while helping students have a fun and enjoyable college experience.   

Monique graduated Magna Cum Laude in 2013 with a bachelor's degree in Business Administration and a concentration in International Business at Alabama A&M University.  She is also a Certified College Funding Specialist™ and Education Loan Analyst™ and is currently pursuing her certification as an Accredited Financial Counselor.   Her future goal is to obtain the Certified Financial Planner  designation.  As a military spouse, she has volunteered with the Army Community Service program to provide financial counseling sessions and teach financial literacy classes to service members and their families. In addition to working with students, she plans to further pursue opportunities in helping military families improve their financial literacy. 

Ciara is an essential member of our team.  She possesses excellent administrative and communication skills and serves as a liaison in the daily operations of Finish College Smart.

  • 18 years or older
  • Interest in Education or Finance
  • ​​Ability to multitask
  • Must live in Central Alabama/Birmingham Metro Area


Mona Lisa is following her passion and purpose of helping students succeed in college and life.  As a first-generation college student, she experienced first-hand some of the same challenges many students are facing today.  She is passionate about increasing awareness of the true costs of student loans and other college debt, as well as the impact of college debt on individuals, families, communities, and the nation.  She is dedicated to working with students and their families to create a legacy of financial freedom instead of the burden of college debt.

Mona Lisa is a graduate of Excelsior College and holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology.  She also holds licenses and certifications in nursing and insurance.  After a rewarding 25-year career in the health and insurance industries, her focus today is to help address the growing problems students face, including low college graduation rates and increasing student loan debt.  She earned the designations of Certified College Funding Specialist™ and Education Loan Analyst™ and is also a student of the Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coach program, giving her a great deal of knowledge, skills, and tools to help students and families.

In addition to her dedication to helping students and families, Mona Lisa is an avid writer and became an Amazon Best-Selling Author.  She co-authored the book titled, "I Am Woman, Volume II" and is currently working on another book project.  Mona Lisa is active in the community and a member of several professional organizations, but her primary focus is to help students finish college on time or less and to finish college with little or no debt!

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