"Thanks to the Finish College Smart plan I was prepared and ahead of the game, among my peers. Some would even ask me for advice. So many other students just showed up at college, but having strategic goals kept me on track and prevented wasted time and money. Not only was I able to succeed academically and financially, but I was also able to stress less and enjoy college more. I highly recommend using this plan throughout college. College can either help or haunt you, and you can’t go wrong with planning ahead if you truly want to make the most out of your experience."

Monique S.

"Finish College Smart helped me avoid some costly mistakes, and now I'm working towards completing my degree, debt-free."

Charilty L.

"I wish Finish College Smart was around when I was preparing for college. I had no one to guide me.  I was the first in my family to attend and as a result, I graduated with debt that is taking over 20 years to pay off."

Beatrice P.

Finish College Smart prepared our family for creating a plan to send our son to college. The staff was always professional and extremely helpful."

Sarah B.

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