​Benefits of an ELA™
Many students and parents feel forced to borrow student loans to help fund their college dreams.  With this current state of student loan borrowing, many students and families need guidance with understanding the true cost and burden of student loans.  The world of student loans can be confusing, and often students and parents feel that taking out student loans is a smart way to fund an education.  Student loans are easy to get, and many don’t think about the long-term commitment that comes with borrowing.  

Our program is guided by an Education Loan Analyst™.  An ELA can help families better understand the effects of borrowing, in addition to helping find ways of lessening the amount needed to borrow. We help families analyze their financial situation and determine if there are other options for funding college. 

​​College opens a world of opportunity for students, but it can also be overwhelming for some. Students must adjust to being away from friends and family, become independent, and learn good time management skills to be successful in college.  At Finish College Smart, we want students to be successful in earning their college degrees, but we also want them to have an enjoyable college experience. 

We have determined that choosing key activities in college sets the stage for an enjoyable college experience, and, also sets a foundation for success in college.   Statistics show students engaged in campus activities have a higher success rate with graduating.  We work with students to help them develop a strategic plan for activities in college that will benefit them socially and academically.   Connections made socially in college can also lead to professional opportunities beyond college.


​​Benefits of a CCFS™

CCFS® (Certified College Funding Specialist™) is the ONLY recognized college financial planning accreditation in the financial industry.  Many may call themselves college planners and some financial advisors assist with college planning, however, Certified College Funding Specialists™ are specifically trained and equipped with information, tools and resources to help students and families save time and money.  Finish College Smart understands the importance of college planning.  We are dedicated to serving students and families at a high level of skill and training. 

​The Experience!

The ​Expertise!

Many parents assume high school guidance counselors and college advisors will help their child develop a plan for college. Unfortunately, counselors and advisors are often limited in the amount of time and attention they can provide each student.  We can help bridge the gap between high school guidance counselors and college advisors.  We can provide guidance that is specific to a student's goals and needs.

By choosing our program, students and parents will also benefit from our expertise and dedication.  When you have a tax issue, you seek advice from an accountant or tax professional.  When you have a legal problem, you seek advice from an attorney.  Unlike tax and legal advice, when it comes to college planning many students and parents try to go through the college planning process on their own or don't plan at all.  With our program, students and parents are guided by a Certified College Funding Specialist™ and Education Loan Analyst™.